Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things For Which I Am Thankful or Topics to Write on Later

1. That humans don't know everything
2. A well-disciplined husband
3. That I'm a young enough grandmother to enjoy my grandson
4. Opportunities to express myself in writing
5. Dreams - the ingredients of reality
6. Good health
7. Freedom of thought, speech, religion and assembly
8. The mistakes my mother made
9. The good choices my mother made
10. That I never smoked, drank alcohol or followed bad company in
my youth
11. Courage to stand up for my beliefs
12. Mobiltiy
13. Sunrises and sunsets
14. 7 1/2 Steps of a Highly Successful Lifelong Learner
15. Web 2.0 Learning
16. The lessons I learned from the past
17. Choices
18. Soft romantic nights
19. Peace of mind/inner peace
20. Clean living
21. Having a personal relationship with God
22. The ability to know the difference between knowledge and wisdom

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