Monday, January 11, 2010

Things That Won't Be In Heaven

Have you ever wondered what things won't be in heaven? Usually, when we think of heaven, we think of who or what will be there; but what about the opposite? Here is a game my family and I created one Sabbath afternoon while spending time together. We decided we would each make a list of things that won't be in heaven and then share the list in rounds, one at a time. Afterwards, we compiled all the lists and made one master list. Here are the results of our inspired thoughts. After you read ours, please feel free to add yours. You never know just how this might turn out. Happy adding!

Bad body odors - Cell phones - tents - tooth paste -

Baldness - Apnea - Frowns - Suffering - Greed - Blindness-

Births - Power outages - Whoremongers - Red eyes - Marriage-

Corruption - Ambulances - Famine - Worries - Trickery - Bad tastes-

Death - Moths/eat clothes - Debts - Goodbyes - Pain-

Dirty dishes - Sinful revelry - Money - Losses - Divorce - Winter coats-

Dishwashers - Business men - Satan - Feeling left out-

Disillusionment - Boredom - Depression - Perversion -

Failure- Locks - Drugs/narcotics- Arguments - False teachings-

Flatulence- Spanking- Shame- Eye glasses- Constipation-

Forgetfulness- Credit cards- Revenge - Heartburn- Selfishness-

Hair gel - Scissors - Sewing machines -

Homelessness- Temptation - Chains - Deafness-

Lying - Crippled people - Street lights - Funerals - Cars-

Politicians - Blizzards- Drunkenness - Rotten teeth - Religious confusion-

Racism- Pollution - Clothes that don't fit- Television- Self-lovers-

Regret - Fatigue - Comic books - Scary thoughts- Calluses- Contention-

Sea - Doctors - Pink slips - Alzheimers - Obesity - Jail - Lawyers-

Suicide - Pirates - Sickness - Disobedience - Adultery - Nurses-

Sweating - Disappointments - Crutches - Clogged toilets - Competition- Accidents -

Tears - Darkness - Colds/flu - Lack of knowledge - Washing machines -

Thieves - Loneliness - Slavery - Prostitution - Doubts - Hunger-

Tobacco - Burrs - Natural disasters - Overeating - Bloodshed -

Unwanted children - Fear - Terrorists - Hospitals - Trash - No desire for flesh-eating -

Video games- Frustration - Grief- Broken bones - Casts -

Vomiting- Nightmares - Eating of Pork/Swine - Swollen feet -

War - Anger - Nights - Banks - Loss of interest - Guilt

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Spring Inspirations

Ever since I can remember, I have always loved and enjoyed having plants in my home around me, whether I planted them myself or bought them in pots from Safeway or Lowes; although I never really had time to study their names. Last spring, I bought one such plant for its beautiful red flowers, giving myself an early Mother's Day gift. I nurtured it, watering it religiously every day with Nature's plant food.

One day about midsummer as I went to admire its beauty and gain inspiration, I noticed it was somewhat shriveled with dried long leaves sticking out all over. I watered it as usual, leaving the dried leaves in tact. I was somewhat disappointed, especially since my husband wondered out loudly if I had killed it by watering it so often. Sadly, the plant dried up even more and lost all its vitality. I kept watering it as usual. Eventually, I stopped watering it, but kept it on the window sill of the breakfast nook bay window. I did not even remove the dried leaves that had fanned out around the rim of the pot.

Although I had given it up for dead, I could not part with it. Being the novice gardener that I am, I did not even check the label on the pot or the information stick in the soil that comes with it. So, to say the least, I was quite ignorant about the particulars of the plant. I did not even know that the plant was a bulb plant.

Now for the good part. Not too long ago, about a week or so during the spring, I happened to look at the pink pot that held the sered leaves of the plant I refused to get rid of. Imagine my elated joy when I saw several green shoots of varying sizes coming up in and around the middle of the dried brown leaves hanging over the sides of the pink pot! Laughing out loud with joy, I called my husband to see the miracle of rebirth.
He with amazement uttered, " I thought your plant was dead!''
"Yes, me too!"
" But, guess what? It's a bulb plant!"
"There's a lesson to be learned here", he said.
"There certainly is", I said. "There certainly is."

My mind quickly processed the thought, "Don't throw anyone away. No matter what; never give up on the ones you love." I thought of that dedicated, struggling teacher in her classroom, feeling marooned on a deserted annex island in the sea of dispassionate educational personnel, as she focuses on making a difference in the lives of all her educationally and behaviorially challeneged students because she realizes each one is too precious to give up on or throw away. So she keeps reaching out to them, thinking, A mind is a terrible thing to waste and more so the person.

You may have a son or a daughter who continues to disappoint you; who may appear to have missed the mark of professionalism. Don't give up on him or her. Continue to express your love in the ways you know how. Keep a prayer always in your heart for your children and give them unconditional love. Be there for them with no condemnation.

Our Father never gives up on us. He has made all the necessary provisions for us to become who He wants us to be. He waits patiently and expectantly for us to realize our full potential.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Things For Which I Am Thankful or Topics to Write on Later

1. That humans don't know everything
2. A well-disciplined husband
3. That I'm a young enough grandmother to enjoy my grandson
4. Opportunities to express myself in writing
5. Dreams - the ingredients of reality
6. Good health
7. Freedom of thought, speech, religion and assembly
8. The mistakes my mother made
9. The good choices my mother made
10. That I never smoked, drank alcohol or followed bad company in
my youth
11. Courage to stand up for my beliefs
12. Mobiltiy
13. Sunrises and sunsets
14. 7 1/2 Steps of a Highly Successful Lifelong Learner
15. Web 2.0 Learning
16. The lessons I learned from the past
17. Choices
18. Soft romantic nights
19. Peace of mind/inner peace
20. Clean living
21. Having a personal relationship with God
22. The ability to know the difference between knowledge and wisdom

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Free Prophecy Seminar

Here is a very interesting link for those who need peace in their lives:
Revelation Speaks Peace
The live seminar begins in Los Angeles on May 1st. Go to the above Website for more info.

Why Degrees of Inspiration?

Webster's definition of inspiration is listed as, The stimulation with the mind of some idea, feeling, or impulse which leads to creative action; a divine or holy presence which inspires; the act of inhaling air. In creating this blog, it is my sincere desire to emit or throw out ideas that may cause one to be inspired and uplifted for the betterment of humanity. If someone can come away from reading my posts feeling inspired with a desire to better himself or herself and society, then I would have achieved my goal.
Seeing that inspiration comes from within and without; the within being the first meaning indicated above, so to speak, and the without being from the divine or holy presence - that for me, being the Holy Spirit, the third person of the Godhead in Christendom, it indicates that not all ideas are created equal. The degrees of inspiration I want to focus on will be the combination of the two - God-gifted ideas-good ideas that emanate from the mind of God. A famous God-fearing writer once said, "Higher that the human thoughts can reach is God's ideal for His children--Godliness, Godlikeness is the goal to be reached." Having quoted that, a song comes to mind that says it succinctly. I remember it being sung by George Beverly Shea - If I can help somebody, as I pass along, If I can cheer somebody, with a word or song, If I can show somebody, how they're travelling wrong, Then my living shall not be in vain.